Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Aisha. Welcome to my blog *waves*. After MONTHS of thinking whether or not I should start a blog again (I had one years ago but was too busy with studies to maintain it and / post content weekly or even monthly)  I finally decided to take the plundge and start one up again *fist bump ya’ll*. My main focus will be beauty related, so most of my posts will be, you know, reviews, dupes, hauls and that type of thing. I find that there are so many beauty blogs out there but I haven’t yet come across one aimed at teens. I’m not talking about 13 -15 year olds (because in my opionion, no one that age needs or should be wearing makeup (besides maybe some lipstick and eyeliner / mascarra for special occasions) ) , but rather at the 16 – 19 year olds wanting to try out some basic products for the for the first   time. I started wearing and enjoying makeup at the age of 16, but because I was new to whole thing I didn’t know which products to buy , how to apply it or even how to protect my skin from the harsh chemicals some products contained 🙈 not to mention WHERE to get good products with my very low 16-year-old-pocket-money-budget. Hence I am starting this blog for the younger girls hoping ya’ll can learn a lil somin’ somin’ about makeup and the products you want to purchase. I will also be spicing it up a bit by posting some book reviews, movie reviews, life adventures, style ideas and perhaps, modest outfits of the day 😊 So watch this space guys ☺️ I am so stoked. Hope you are too!


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