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LA Girl Highlight, Blush & Contour Sticks Review

Hi guys! My oh my, it’s been such a long time. I finally have a bit of time on my hands and decided to do a quick post. Let’s get straight into it, shall we. 

Today I’ll be reviewing these LA Girl contour, blush and highlight sticks  

OMG! Can I just freak out about this uber cute packaging please? Like YAS honey. I love me some cute makeup packaging and I love how small these sticks are. They twist up and the product is domed shaped. They have a see through cap so you can clearly see the shades and the outside of the tube closely matches the actual shade ,which helps when you’re looking through your stash for a certain color. I have found that 1 or 2 of these plastic caps are not as tight as others, so it ended up opening in my makeup bag (I just hate when makeup is messy. Urrrrgh) however when I noticed this I pressed the cap down a little harder, and it seemed to hold better. Just a heads up to you guys – make sure to close these babies properly or they will open.  

  There are 3 bronze shades ( 1 matte and 2 shimmer) 3 Hi-Lite shades (1 matte and 2 shimmer)  and 10 blush shades (mix of matte and shimmer).  I picked up all 3 bronzers, 3 highlighters and 3 blushes. 


After testing these out on my (NC43) combination skin, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. I expected so much more from these products as I’ve tried many other LA Girl products and loved most of them. These were hit and miss. The bronzers when swatched looked really pretty, but the matte shade, Suede wasn’t warm enough to contour for my skin. The other 2 bronzer shades Goddess and Brazen is absolutely gorgeous but I don’t think it’s suitable for contour as it’s not matte (if you’re into shimmer contour then that’s okay – just do you, boo) I used it as a goldish highlight and oh my,when I set it with a powder highlighter the glow was real. The highlight shades in Luminous and Radiance are bomb! Cahsmere just washed me out but I think it will work for lighter skinned beauties. The blushes in the shades My Bae, Velour and Glimmer were all really pretty on my skin.

All of these applied very smoothly , almost velvety, but once I started blending it all disappeared. I then applied a bit more, blended less, and noticed that it was moving around my foundation (oh HELL nah!) I then tried using a brush to apply these but it went on less pigmented and it took ages to get the color(s) to show up as desired. I do however like using the 2 shimmer highlighters for a pretty subtle highlight, especially since they are shimmery, but not sparkly or glittery (YAS) I also use them as an eyeshadow base but I’m not sure if I love using them that way. I sometimes use the blushes but found that setting it using a translucent powder or blush powder keeps it in place and improves wear time. The same goes for the 2 bronzers. Wearing time for these were about 3 hours before it started to fade.

For R99 a pop I definitely think these are pricey and not worth it, especially since the LA Girl Pro Conceal & Blush Bricks are a much better option for contouring and highlighting, plus it’s cheaper and works better. You can purchase LA Girl products from Dis-Chem Stores. 

If you have purchased these babies and didn’t love them either, do let me know how you ended up using them. (Some people have used the matte blushes as lip stains 🙂 so hey, if we can find more uses for these then why not?) 

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “LA Girl Highlight, Blush & Contour Sticks Review”

    1. I know right! They really are gorgeous, that is why I bought 9 of them 🙈 I wish the store had testers to swatch though, perhaps in the future I’ll ask them to open a tester before I purchase, especially if the product(s) is pricey.


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