Makeup Eraser – is it worth the hype? 

I’ve seen so many videos of people raving about this product and to be honest I didn’t believe any of it. I thought to myself, how can a little cloth get rid of all your makeup? Even waterproof mascara???? HOW? I was lucky to have that question answered when I was walking in the mall one day and saw a Makeup Eraser pop up shop. I walked straight towards it and the lady was so sweet and helpful. She had some foundation and eyeshadows with her and swatched it on her hand, wet the Makeup Eraser (with cold water) and wiped it off. She then used a clean piece of cotton, wiped her hand and showed it to me and to my absolute surprise, the cotton had NO stains/residue – this little gem actually WORKS! I was so incredibly excited I purchased it immediately. I payed R290 for it  but I’ve seen it retail for R300 – R350 online. 

Do I think it’s worth it? DEFINITELY. Even if it was R450 I would say it is still very much worth it. 

I have really sensitive skin and eyes (I wear hard contact lenses) and tried so many makeup removers from Mac, The Body Shop, Johnson’s, Nivea, olive oil, even baby wipes but all of them made my eyes and skin burn so bad… Some of them even made me break out and it was awful. Thankfully I found this gem of a product and it literally doesn’t affect my skin in any way. Just be sure to wash it after every use because you don’t want product build up (yucky). I hand wash mine with cold water and gentle soap after every use, and machine wash it once every week. The packaging says to machine wash but I find that machine washing it after every use is a big no no, especially since we do washing only thrice a week. Hand wash seems to work fine for me. I’ve had mine for almost a year now and it’s still in a really, really good condition. This product has definitely helped me save R100’s on makeup removers/wipes. In my opinion, EVERYONE who wears make-up needs one. 

If you guys have any questions about this product, drop a comment and I’d love to (hopefully) have all the answers. 



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