Beauty Blender Dupe Sponge

So I know there are a lot of you out there who just cannot fork out R300+ for an original Beauty Blender sponge. There are quite a few dupe sponges on the market but some of them are just down right bad quality. Lucky for you ladies, I’ve found a wonderful dupe Blender for 1/4 of the price! I recieved this Blender from @Bestbeautybuys_sa to review. I also bought a mini Blender Cleanser Solid from @bestbeautybuys_sa and have been testing both products for 2 weeks now.   
Before I started using the blender I washed it with the cleanser (I always wash make-up tools before using them) upon the first wash I noticed that the water turned pink (I used luke warm water) but not to the point where it’s just a hole lot of dye washing out. I thought that the blender would stain my skin pink because I wet it before using it, but luckily the color doesn’t come out on your skin. I also noticed that after I wet it with some cold water and squeezed out the excess water, the blender swelled up and felt so bouncy. 

 I started blending my foundation, concealer, highlight, contour and cream blush. It does take a bit of extra time to blend all the products in properly. Sometimes I had to drag the blender a bit to blend in my contour so it could look natural and seamless , but I honestly think this little blender is worth it! It really feels wonderful when it’s wet and I especially love the way it blended my blush. I wash it after every use and again the water turned pink but each time it would be less pink than before. It doesn’t stain your skin pink (just be sure to wet it with cold water before use as apposed to warm water) so the dye coming out is quite harmless. It probably will loose the vibrant pink color after 1 months or so but who cares right? For the price it is so worth it. You can even replace it after a few months if you feel the need to do so because it’s affordable enough. 

I definitely recommend this blender for those on a budget. I’ve used it for 2 weeks now and the quality is good. I think it’s so much better than the Dis-Chem brand blenders.  

 Can we take a second to just talk about the cute little stand you get with it?! It looks like the Beauty Blender Bling Ring and man does it look pretty on my dresser. When I wash my blender, I put it back in the stand to dry and its just so convenient, and pretty too! 
These Blenders retail for R79.99 each. The Blender Cleanser Solid mini retails for R75. Follow @bestbeautybuys_sa on Instagram to purchase these items. They also stock Colourpop, BH Cosmetics, Real Teachniques, Original Beauty Blenders and more so go and check them out. 

Until next time. 

All my love. 


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