Essence Winter Wonderful Trend Edition

 Upon walking into Clicks  yesterday, I saw the new Essence  Winter? Wonderful! trend edition. I don’t know why we got this winter trend edition in Spring. Perhaps it was supposed to be in stores last month or something like that. Anyway, the packing of these products is absolutely adorable! Let’s take a look – 
 Eyeshadow palette in 01 all ice on me! Retail price: R69.95 

The first thing I noticed with this palette is that the pans are really big! The palette doesn’t contain a brush because of the big eyeshadow pans. The colors when I swatched them were pretty (the white shade was chalky though) but it didn’t do much for my medium skin. On fairer skin this palette would be good for everyday, natural looks. It contains a mix of matte and shimmer shades and the packing is swoon worthy. 

 Eye and inner rim eye pencil available in 01 cold as ice and 02 eye candy. Retail price: R38.95 

These eye pencils were a miss for me. When I swatched them they weren’t smooth enough to use on the waterline of my eyes. I think the Essence long lasting and gel eye pencils are much smoother. 

Lipbalm in 01 the eternal ice 

Retails for : R38.95 

This product is nothing special. Besides it being cute and having glitter, I think you can get way better quality lipbalms (ie: soft lips, baby lips, lip ice) and at cheaper prices too! Another miss for me. 

 Tint and oil lip oil available in 01 if kisses were snowflakes and 02 I’d send you a blizzard 

Retail price: R57.95 

Okay, these babies got my attention. The packaging is classy and sleek and when swatched it goes on clear but a minute or so later tints the lips pink. I think this product would work well even for Spring as it just gives your lips enough flushed color that looks natural without looking overdone. 

Blush in 01 winter kissed cheeks

Retail price: R57.95 

How cute is this blush!? Ugh. My heart. Essence often has such cute blushes. Kudos Essence, kudos. When I swatched this on my medium skin it looked a little bit light and kind of ashy, but I suppose on the face it would look different. 

Nail polish (L-R)01 The Frosted, 02 The Semi Matt , 03 The Iced , 04 The Crystallized, top coat in 01 A Winters Tale

Nail polish retail price: R34.95

Top Coat retail price : R38.95 

 Hand balm in 01 you melt my heart

Retail price: R38.95 I didn’t quite enjoy the smell of this but it is a big tube so if you decide to buy it for your handbag it should last you a while. 

Pom pom hair ties

Retails price: R28.95 

And that’s it. I wish we could have gotten the eyeshadow brush as well as the highlighter from this trend edition. I definitely would of picked them up if they were available. What do you ladies have your eyes on? Would love to hear what you picked up. 

Until next time,

All my love. 


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