Cat Eyeliner Stickers – the answer to slaying liner?

Hey guys. Last week I received a pack of eyeliner stickers from Urban_Addiction, along with some other goodies to test out and review on my blog. I was so excited to start playing with everything but the first thing I opened was the eyeliner stickers. I was so interested to see how it works as I’ve seen quite a lot of hype around eyeliner and brow stencils. 

Each pack contains 36 pairs of stickers and 72 stickers in total. You can re-use each of them until the glue is not sticky anymore. You just wipe the sticker clean (if there is eyeliner on) with a makeup wipe and stick it back onto the card for your next use! I got about 3-4 uses out of each sticker which really isn’t bad at all. I haven’t tried the eyeliner stencil yet, but I do think that it might be tricky to use as you have to hold it place, hold your eyelid taut (for those of us with fine lines/droopiness on our lids) and do your liner , all at once. Personally I just think that it will turn into a hot mess. If you don’t have taut eyelids though, then the stencil might just be great for you. 

I have smallish kind of eyes, so when I first applied these I had to cut the front a little bit as it was too long. The wing was also too thick and didn’t suit my eye shape, so I positioned the sticker a tad bit lower. I have fine lines on my eyelids as well , so before I applied these I pulled my lid taut a bit as to smoothen the creases out. Sometimes my liner wouldn’t come out perfect because sometimes (only sometimes) the eyeliner smudges in some places or the liner comes out very light, but I just clean the smudges with some concealer and darken the liner once the sticker is removed and it’s all good! It still makes liner so much easier and it’s definitely still very handy.

I expected the stickers to leave some glue residue on my eyes once I took it off but I am happy to report that is not the case. It does feel weird (especially if it’s your first time using it) but not in an uncomfortable way so the weirdness is tolerable. It’s also not insanely tacky and sticky to the point where upon removal you feel as if the skin on your eyelids is being ripped off *gasp* . It left no glue residue on my eyes when I removed it and it’s quite gentle. I have sensitive eyes and it didn’t irritate my eyes at all so I can vouch for it being safe to use. 

There are quite a few styles to choose from. Urban addiction currently has stock of the cat, extravagant , fish tail and double wing eyeliner stickers, so find the style you like best.

The only con to these stickers are, one style doesn’t suit all eye shapes and sizes (but with repositioning + cutting smaller or shorter at the front if needed, it works well) and if you applied eyeshadows prior to sticking these it can mess up your eyeshadow. If you don’t mind going back in with your eyeshadows again just to touch up then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

Do I think these are worth it? YES! At only R99 a pack these stickers are really inexpensive and can save you a lot of time applying your eyeliner. A pack will last you for almost 5 months, if you re-use each pair more than once. In my books that’s a winner for sure! It’s also great for beginners because let’s face it, we all have those days where we apply eyeliner for 15 minutes (and sometimes more) because it just will not come out perfectly (!) *rolls eyes* 
Just bear in mind before purchasing to choose the style that suits you because everyone looks different with different eyeliner styles, so get something you like and that you know looks good on your eyes.
These stickers are available from Urban_Addiction on Instagram. She also sells other makeup tools at affordable prices so do check out her page ladies.

*I received these stickers for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty, and therefore I am always honest in my reviews.

Until next time.


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