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6 Piece Oval Brush Set Review

I received this 6 piece oval brush set from Urban_Addiction , along with some other goodies to review on my blog. I already reviewed their cat eyeliner stickers , so today I’ll be letting you all know what I think about these brushes. I’ve been using them for 2 weeks now because I wanted my review to be thorough. 

When I received these I didn’t expect them to be so small. I thought they would have long handles but it turns out this is like a mini set which is ADORABLE! All of the 6 brushes are smaller than my hands and the “awwww” factor is so real. I’ve seen so many of these oval brush sets all over social media and this is the first time I got to try them so I was really excited. 

The ferrules are bendable plastic, so I didn’t dare tug at it too hard or use it with a heavy hand. I wash ANY makeup brushes/sponges before I use them, so I gave these babies a wash before use and used my brush egg and some gentle baby shampoo. I didn’t notice any shedding on any of the 6 brushes when I washed them. I also tugged on them to see if the hairs would come loose but I’m glad to say that it didn’t. The brush hairs all held their shape so I didn’t have to reshape them after washing. I didn’t know how to store these brushes to dry, so I ended up just laying them flat on a towel. They did take way longer to dry than my other regular brushes, especially on the inside, but that’s not really a deal breaker. I waited 2 and a half days for them to be completely dry. 

Now, these brushes didn’t come with a guide but as someone who wears makeup often I know my way around makeup brushes and their uses. I’ll explain what I used each brush for and how they faired. 

This is the biggest brush in the set. It can be used to apply foundation/powder. I used this to apply liquid foundation but I felt that the bristles weren’t densely packed and because of that it soaked up a good amount of foundation. I did however find that applying foundation with this brush takes significantly less time. The only struggle was applying foundation on my dry cheeks.. even though I blended well, it looked patchy and uneven so I just went over my foundation with a beauty blender to make it look flawless and seamless. If you have super dry skin that tends to flake I would suggest you rather use this brush for something else. I also tried using this brush to apply powder but it isn’t fluffy enough so it ended up not working too well. 

This is my 2 biggest brush in the set. The size is quite convenient. It’s really easy to use for under eye concealing as well as cream highlighting. I love the way it blends out my cream highlight but not so much my contour. I tried blending in different motions but each time my contour would look muddy. I used the brush to apply banana powder under my eyes to bake, and for that it worked fine but only to apply the powder, not to dust it off because again, it isn’t fluffy. I also tried using this brush with cream blush and it didn’t work too well. I dipped my brush directly into the blush and my, what a fail. It’s like the brush deposits ALL the blush on the apple of your cheeks and trying to blend the blush out just doesn’t help. Then I tried using my finger to dot some cream blush on the apple of my cheek outwards and blended with this brush and for that it worked really nice and did a decent job. 

The bristles of this brush is uneven (as you can see in the picture) , it might be a manufacturing fault. Because of the uneven bristles I had trouble applying contour products but I used this brush to apply powder highlighter (Becca Opal) and it looked good. I just dip the uneven part of the brush gently in to my Becca highlighter and applied it to my cheekbones in circular motion. I do this because often when you apply highlighter in a swiping motion it just kinda looks like a strip of highlight that just kinda sits there, you know? I love my highlight to look blended and hence I use circular motions to apply. 

Another brush that has a manufacturing fault. This brush is supposed to be used for eyeliner/eyeshadow but I couldn’t make it work for my eyes. Its not dense enough to apply eyeliner. I ended up using this to “draw” my contour lines on my cheekbones, jawline and forehead. 

Another manufacturing fault. This brush is meant for eyebrows but its literally SO floppy and not dense at all. I tried applying eyebrow pomade but because this brush isn’t dense it just kinda looked like a kid coloring out of the lines on my eyebrows. I then tried using it to “draw” my contour lines on my nose and it’s the perfect size to do so! It’s thin enough to get just the right amount of contour and highlight on my nose. I used my Beauty Blender to blend my contour and it looked really good. 

ANOTHER manufacturing fault *sad sigh* As you can see in the above picture, the bristles of this brush is super uneven. It was hard to apply anything with this brush. I tried applying liquid lipstick but because of the unevenness of the brush it looked – for lack of better word – bleagh. I then tried using it to apply gloss and it worked fine for that, basically the same as a lipgloss applicator.

Just FYI – when using these types of brushes never hold it like this (see picture below) because it might/will break 


Rather, use it like this (see picture below) 

After using these for the first time I washed them again with my brush egg but found that it didn’t clean the inside of the brush well (it was still full of foundation). I then took my little Tangle Teezer dupe hair brush (from Clicks & Dis-chem R19.99) and gently swirled my brushes on there and it cleaned it so well. Definately give it a try when trying to get all the makeup out of your oval brushes next time you wash them.

In conclusion, I have mixed feelings about this set. On the one hand I love how small it is, I love the biggest and 2nd biggest brush and have been using them a lot lately… On the other hand even though I use the other 2, smaller brushes to “draw” my contour lines, I feel like I could use a simple concealer brush to do the exact same thing, hence my mixed feelings. 

Do u need this set? 

Hmm… my answer is right in between “go for it I guess” and “don’t buy it” . I say this because I don’t think these are a necessity especially since you get way better quality oval brushes. But, it is up to you. If you like these mini oval brushes and you’re wanting to buy some oval brushes to expand your makeup brush collection, or you’re looking for a brush that makes applying foundation a bit easier (the biggest brush) then you should check this set out. You could always share the rest of the brushes in the set with friends and family who would also love to try an oval brush. 

This 6 piece set retails for R350 from @Urban_Addiction (Instagram). 

They have other sets too (if you’re not keen on the oval brush sets) at affordable prices as well as makeup mirrors and other goodies so do check them out. They are also offering free courier on any item(s) for black Friday, so if you’re wanting to purchase something you’ll get it delivered to your door for free. 

Disclaimer: I received these brushes for free but that in no way affected my review. I value honesty, and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. 


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