Fantastic Four Beauty Blender Replica Set Review

I received this replica of the Fantastic Four Beauty Blender Set from Fatima at Urban_Addiction. I already reviewed their eyeliner stickers and 6 piece oval brush set. If you’re interested you can check out those reviews in my older posts. 
Fatima was all sold out on these sets and I wanted to wait until she had restocked before I posted my review so that if any of you wanted to purchase you could do so immediately, without having to wait *winks* she let me know she restocked in the week and I got right into writing my review.

This set contains one big blender, one medium blender, one mini blender, and one mini solid cleanser. 
Of course before I used these for the first time I washed them. I used the solid cleanser to wash them and I didn’t notice any color washing out (this might be because the colors of the blenders I have are very light. Usually bright pinks and blue blenders wash out A LOT). I used luke warm water and I’m very pleased to say that these weren’t of those blenders that you wash and there’s just a hole lot of dye washing out. I was pretty stoked  that these didn’t fade while I washed them either. I noticed that the solid cleanser had a very weird smell- I don’t really know what it smells like and if I didn’t have an original Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser to compare it to I would of been afraid to use it due to the smell. It smells very similar to the original, and so I gave it a go. I then let the blenders dry. These took about 20 hours to dry which is quicker than my Real Techniques and other sponges. 

I wet the sponges with cold water before I used them and squished out any excess water. It’s important to do this because if the sponge is still very wet it will leak water all over your face once you keep it in between your fingers and start doing the “bouncy” motions on your face. That water will mess with the consistency of your BB cream/foundation and it won’t be a good sight at all. Whilst wetting them they did expand in size but it was like the more water the sponge absorbed the bigger it got, and when I squished the excess water out it shrunk a little. So unlike some sponges that expands double its size when wet, these didn’t (see pictures) but it’s no biggie because I found them to be a nice size to apply my makeup. They were nice and soft on my face as well and didn’t feel stiff (some dupe blenders are so stiff they actually hurt your face).

I used the green one (medium size) to blend my foundation. It did soak up quite a bit of foundation but I find that most dupe/replica blenders do. It did a good job at blending my foundation beautifully. It has those indents because it was tightly squeezed into the packaging. To me that’s not a big deal especially since these are so affordable.
I used the mini light orange blender to blend my concealer and highlighter and it did a good job as well, but it takes long to blend seamlessly becomes of how small it is. However, the size is so perfect for small areas of the face. I loved the way in blender out the concealer I applied to carve out my brows. It didn’t feel as soft as the 2 bigger one’s but it wasn’t stiff either. I did notice that it looked dirty when I recieved it , but after washing it I saw it was just stains probably from other blenders. 
I used the large orange blender to blend my contour and to “bake” underneath my eyes. It worked great for both of these things and I was very pleased with the way all of these blenders performed. I noticed some indents on this blender too, due to being squeezed into the packaging. Again, not a big deal at all as it doesn’t affect the performance of the blenders. 
After using all of them I washed them again with the solid cleanser that came with it. It did a good job of cleaning it but there were stains that wouldn’t come out. It doesn’t bother me though, because most blenders get stains throughout usage. I would suggest though, that when you use your blender(s), wash them immediately, rinse them properly and leave them to dry. It’s very important to keep our makeup tools clean ladies, so we can achieve the most flawless application every single time. 

Do I think you need this? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! It retails for only R100. I’m not even joking right now. Dis-chem and Clicks has blenders that retails for R80 – R120 each, and here you are getting 3 blenders PLUS a blender cleanser for only R100. Seriously, not everyone can afford R350+ for an original beauty blender, but this set is really good quality…and sure it’s not the same as the original but it does a decent enough job for a fraction of the price. I seriously think this set is a MUST if you’re wanting to get your hands on some blenders/sponges. Please note though that these are REPLICAS and NOT ORIGINAL . I just need to make that clear so there’s no confusion and fuss. I would never tell anyone to buy replica makeup because of all the harsh chemicals that goes into it, but replica makeup brushes and tools are fine to use. Just be sure to wash it before you do. 

Urban_Addiction has these sets in stock at the moment and at the price I don’t doubt she’ll sell out again soon. If you would like a set you can visit her Instagram page (urban_addiction) to get ordering. She has many other makeup tools and gadgets so go and take a look, perhaps there’s something that tickles your fancy. 

*Disclaimer : I received this blender set for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty, and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. 

Until next time,

All my love.


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