Lala Lips Review

I received this Lala Lips lip balm from Bestbeautybuys along with some other goodies a few weeks ago to review on my blog. Whenever I receive products to review, I often test the product(s) for more than a week so my review can be 100% thorough. I’ve been testing this particular product for a while now and am finally able to do a thorough review. 

Now, I know this looks like the EOS lip balms but personally I love this one way more. It is 95% organic and contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil. I love that it is made is SA. Supporting SA based beauty companies is something I think we should all do more often. 

There are a variety of flavors, and after much consideration going back and forth between mint and peach, I chose peach. I don’t know about you guys but in Summer my lips tend to go super dry. I was using the Maybelline Babylips but it wasn’t amazing or anything, so when I got this I decided to use it immediately and have been using it non stop ever since! Guys, I LOVE this lip balm. It makes my lips feel so so soft and what I love even more is it doesn’t make my lips look shiny. You know when you apply lip balms and it ends up looking shiny? Yeah I hate that. I absolutely hate shiny lip balms so I was ecstatic when I noticed this one didn’t make my lips shine. Other lip balms I’ve tried made my lips peel (I know. Its weird) but fortunately this one didn’t! *claps hands excitedly* It also doesn’t feel tacky or very thick on the lips and on top of that it smells absolutely amazing. I’ve been using it as a lip prep/primer before applying matte lipsticks. I apply it after I moisturized my face so by the time I’ve finished my eyes, brows and face makeup it’s soaked up nicely. If I feel like I put on too much and it hasn’t soaked up completely, I’ll just take a cotton pad and dab it lightly on my lips to remove the extra bit, leaving a very thin layer of balm on my lips and then applying my matte lipstick as usual. Even if you’re not into wearing matte lipsticks, priming your lips with this baby will definitely make your lipstick/gloss look smoother and more flawless. 

Do I think you need this? YES. Chuck all of your other lip balms and get yourselves one of these. Believe me, I’ve tried so many different lip balms from Elizabeth Arden, Libello, Lip Ice, Soft Lips, Baby Lips, Oh So Heavenly, The Body Shop lip oil, and EOS , but so far this one is my favorite. I cannot wait to finish this one so I can try a different flavor. 

It retails for R50 but will probably last you for about 5 – 6 months if you use it multiple times everyday, so I think for R50 it’s totally worth it. 
You can purchase Lala Lips from Best Beauty Buys or you can go to their physical store in Somerset West and while you’re at it, take a peek at all of their other products in store. 

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty, and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. 

Until next time,

All my love.


4 thoughts on “Lala Lips Review”

    1. I know hey. At first I thought R50 is a bit much but I promise you it is SO worth it. It’s not waxy or gooey – definitely worth the money. I will be giving one away in an upcoming giveaway this month 😉 watch this space!
      Also, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Xx


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