BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette Review And Swatches 

Not too long ago, I hauled a few products from the US and I’ve been so confused as to what to use and review first, but when I opened up this baby it just looked so travel friendly I decided to pop it in my handbag and put it to the test. Now, before I start I just want to tell you guys – when I was 17 I saw the other varient of this exact palette called Forever Smokey. 

I took a screenshot of it immediately and added it to my make-up wishlist. Back then I wasn’t very well versed on international makeup brands so I remember being so sad when I found out BH Cosmetics wasn’t available in SA. I was so fascinated with how pretty that palette was and that it contained everything (well, almost everything) to create a full face of makeup. Long story short, after 4 years (I kid you not) I FINALLY own a different varient of the palette , Forever Nude. When I saw it on sale on the BH Cosmetics website for $6 I knew I had to have it! Months later when I recieved it I felt so ecstatic and happy because after 4 long years, albeit not the exact smokey palette I wanted (its been discontinued) , I now owned it’s sister, and man did that make my makeup loving heart jiggle. Moral of the story: don’t give up on the makeup of your dreams and/ wishlist. Even if it takes years, you’ll get there. Seriously ladies, I know when you see all the many, MANY new products and swatches being released you sometimes feel like your tiny little makeup stash is inferior, especially if you cannot afford the new “trending” products. I know, the struggle is very real for many of us. But just know that most people take years to build up amazing kits/collections for themselves. It take time and a LOT of cash. So save up a few bucks every month and make that makeup wishlist, and when you have the money, treat yo’ self with a particular wishlist product.. and keep going like that until your list is getting smaller (who are we kidding our lists never get smaller, but you know what I mean) You just do you, boo. And in the meantime, wear that R30 Essence lipstick and rock it, because sometimes it’s not about the price tag of a product but actually how you apply and wear it. So go forth now, my darlings, go forth and slay with confidence. 

Okay, so onto the actual review. I feel like I often go off topic… *peeks through fingers* 


The palette is made out of plastic but you wouldn’t say because it is a bit heavy (which feels good in your hand) and very sturdy. It doesn’t feel like those cheap, flimsy packaging. The lid shuts really tight, so you never have to worry about the palette opening up in your bag (this has happened to me MANY times). It has a very big mirror. And no, not those weird cheaper type of mirrors that makes your face look a little wider, but an actual good quality mirror. I was so impressed with this packaging. From the colour, font, quality – it is all so impressive. Compared to my other 3 BH Cosmetics palettes, this one by far has the sturdiest packaging and best mirror. 

The palette contains 6 eyeshadows in matte, shimmer and satin finishes, as well as 1 highlighter, 2 blushes and 2 lipsticks/glosses.


I am so impressed with the quality of these shadows. You can create quite a few looks with them. From sultry to sexy to soft everyday looks… with this palette, you can do it all.

The only 2 shades that were chalky were the 2 pink shades. I found the light pink frost shade to be just a bit chalky. The matte darker pink on the other hard was much chalkier, but when built up on the eye it doesn’t look bad at all. The darkest shimmer shade was a bit patchy but when blended out it looks absolutely beautiful. The 3 remaining shades has good pigmentation and is so soft and creamy. The swatches below are without primer. With primer they are definitely a bit more vibrant. Their wear time is about 5 hours on average without primer, but these characteristics vary with the intensity of the shades. 


This highlighter is a warm, light golden shimmer. I find that it is a versatile shade for inner corners, brown bone and even the high points of the cheekbones. It’s soft and creamy and because of that it has quite a bit of fall out. It’s very powdery but not chalky. It’s a very natural kind of highlight, not intense, which I think works well with the rest of this palette. 

Blusher :  

The blushes include a nude shade and a neutral pink shade. Both of the shade has shimmer and they leave a beautiful glow on the cheeks. They are very sheer but still pigmented enough to show up, providing the perfect natural flush which will suit most skin tones. They don’t have much fall out and are easily blendable. 


Again, really impressed with these lipsticks. One is a neutral nude and the other a bright, hot pink. Both of these lipsticks are well pigmented and smooth so they give the look of a gloss. I’d suggest lining your lips before applying them so they don’t bleed. I’ve also noticed that unlike other lipstick palettes, these lipsticks remained true to their shades in the palette when applied to the lips. I just wish they had a cover over the lipsticks because they often get messy due to powder fall out. It’s not a deal breaker though but can be a bit gross. I cringed every time powder went in the lipsticks so I made my own little cover. 

Overall I love this palette. The pro’s outweighs the con’s and I am glad I purchased this. Below is a look Carli Bybel created with this palette 

If you’re someone who likes edgier looks then this palette isn’t for you. It’s very classic and neutral which I personally love. This palette can take you from day to night and is quite travel friendly. If you can, I’d definitely recommend you pick this baby up, especially if you’re someone who loves natural, neutral makeup. 
I purchased mine for $6 directly from the BH Cosmetics website when they had a sale last year. Not too many third party sellers bring this palette in, but I’ve found one online store who does *winks*. Makeupnetworks has this palette in stock for R450. 

Now, I know R450 is pricey for most of us, but considering you get an entire face palette I’d say the price is acceptable. It will however only be 100% worth it if you will use majority of the products/shades in this palette. If you’re someone who will only use 3 things then I’d suggest you rather give this one a skip and spend your money on something you’d get full use of. However, if you’re someone who loves neutral makeup, especially colors that are appropriate for work environments and are soft and natural, and you see yourself using a lot of this palette, then go for it. I’d say only then would it be worth it. 

Have you tried anything from BH Cosmetics? What is your favorite must have products? Let me know so I can give them a go! 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Makeupnetworks. 


3 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette Review And Swatches ”

  1. Thank you for the awesome reply and compliment 🙂 I’m literally gonna screenshot this. I think your blog is #goals. 🙂 you reminded me about the great thing about blogging; which is the support and interaction from the blogging community. So grateful for that.

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  2. I love how detailed this post was! Also, reading the part about persevering until you save up to get the things on your wishlist was also really inspiring. Especially as a newbie blogger, my make-up stash does feel a little ‘inferior’ at times like you said. Congrats on finally getting hold of this palette after four years 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading! I know exactly what you mean. It’s quite hard when you’re a newbie blogger and you see other bloggers flaunting amazing products that you could only dream of. Realistically not everyone can afford certain makeup products, and it often makes one feel quite sad. I do however want you to know to keep going. Review whatever products you have. There are many out there looking for reviews on drugstore, affordable products. PS. I think your blog is great and I hope you get some items from your wishlist as well. Xxx

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