Selfie Ring Light Hack 

I’m sure you are all familiar with the selfie ring light? I received one from Best Beauty Buys to test out and share my thoughts with all of you.. 
Now, I know this is not a makeup or beauty product, but I did figure out a pretty awesome way to use this selfie light. 

First off though, to those of you who aren’t sure what a selfie light is used for; you hook it onto your phone/tablet and you use it almost like a flash for your front camera. You can also use it for your back camera, if that is how you take selfies. Most newer cellphones and tablets has front and back camera flashes, BUT, have you ever noticed how yellow that said flash is? For makeup wearers it becomes a little bit of a nightmare sometimes, especially at night, because the yellow flash makes your foundation look oily or gives you the red eye effect or the powder flashback that makes you look like a ghost. Sometimes your selfie is flames but the dreaded red eye/oily tzone / white powder flash back messes everything up.. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Alas, my fellow slayers, fear not, because this selfie light will take your selfie game to the next level. It has 3 light settings and it is a white light, so it doesn’t give you any powder flashback / oily foundation / faded lipstick effects etc. It shows the color of makeup really well and I have been using it so much when other lighting fails me or looks grainy. It doesn’t change the color of makeup in pictures, it just sort of shows it’s true color (just be sure to get the right angle. The angle that shows your makeup best).

I’m sure you’ve all had those days where you’re wearing a dark blue smokey eye (or some such makeup look) but on your cellphone picture the colors looks more purple or not as vibrant as it does it person, or when you take the picture at night it looks grainy or – for lack of better word – bleagh? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But this selfie light is really something. It comes with a little adapter so you can charge it, so no need to worry about purchasing and repurchasing batteries. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We need our money for more makeup. *grins guiltily* 

Now, onto the fun hack I discovered…

I was doing my eyebrows one (early) morning and it was quite dark outside. My room’s light didn’t help much because I often do my makeup in natural lighting. I saw the selfie light on my desk and thought “hey, why don’t you just try and attach this to your mirror. Perhaps it will help”. Let me just take a second and say; IT. IS. GENIUS! I could see my face clearly and again, because it is a white light it doesn’t change the color of your makeup or how it looks, so you know exactly how much to apply etc. I have been using this selfie light on my mirror most mornings when lighting is bad because it makes my makeup application so much easier. Bare in mind though, I don’t think it will work well if you hook it onto a big mirror. In the images below, you’ll see I have a handheld mirror that’s small and can fold, so it’s been working wonders for that particular mirror. If I need to “zoom” in I just unfold the mirror and bring it closer to my face and (obviously) the light comes closer too. I do have a big mirror as well, but I only look into it after I’ve used the small mirror, to see if everything looks good from afar.


I know those vanity mirrors with the lights are amazing and oh so beautiful. But let’s be real, it is EXPENSIVE. I know not all of us can splurge on something like that, so I think this hack will be great if you need lighting to do your makeup, especially since Winter is almost here and I’m sure we all know how hard it can be to do makeup in bad lighting. If you don’t have a small handheld mirror, I got mine at Dis-Chem for undef R50, so it’s really inexpensive. Add the selfie light and it will all be under R300. The best part? No need for batteries! and the next time there’s load shedding, you’ll light up any room because your makeup will be flames, thanks to good lighting *winks* jeez. I’m so cheesy. 

This selfie light is available from Best Beauty Buys here. It comes in a few colors so you can take your pick. It retails for R220 which is cheaper than other selfie lights I’ve seen.

Did you guys enjoy this hack? Let me know if you want me to do a ‘makeup hacks’ blog post. 

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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