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8 Piece Rose Gold Unicorn Brush Set Review 

So lately it seems that unicorn / rainbow makeup brushes are all the rage and has been trending all over social media. And so of course, I have to review some sets for you ladies. I have different sets to review, but today I chose to review my favorite set so far, the 8 Piece Rose Gold set. 

How beautiful aren’t these? *furiously fans self* 

When I washed them, I did not notice any shedding. I had to reshape the bigger brushes before I left them to dry and they took about 30 hours to dry completely. They are synthetic bristles and the handles are plastic. It is longer than your average brush but I quite like it. It takes some getting used to when you first use it (due to the long handles) but what I like most about it is that fact that if I need to apply my makeup with a very light hand, I simply hold the brush right and the end of the handle and it literally just sort of “tickles” my face. It works quite nice when I’m using makeup that is very pigmented or powders that are cakey and needs a very light layer applied. 

As usual, I will break it down into 2 categories : face and eye brushes. 

Face Brushes:

Angled Powder Brush:

Seeing that isn’t a foundation brush in this set, I thought “Hmm. Perhaps another brush will work for applying my foundation”. I then decided that I liked this one best and gave it a go. All I can say is OH.MY. I honestly did not expect this brush to apply my foundation evenly. I expected streaky lines but man, was I in for a big surprise! This brush applied my foundation so, so easily. It is quite big (as you can see) and so my foundation was applied much quicker than usual. It should be noted that I used a liquid foundation and not powder/cream foundation. The brush is denser than most powder brushes, so there were no streaks, no messy lines or unevenness in my foundation application. Because it is angled, it applied foundation around my nose area really well too! It just shows hey, don’t judge a brush by it’s bristles. I also used this brush to apply my blush and guess what? It worked GREAT at that too. It does pick up a lot of product so be sure to use a light hand. 

Round/ Pointed Powder Brush: 

I used this brush to apply my translucent powder underneath my eyes, my chin and forehead in order to “bake”. I tried using it on the rest of my face too, for a light dusting of powder, but as you can see, this brush is not very fluffy. It doesn’t work well to apply powder to the rest of your face. I found that the pointed tip removed some of my foundation. For applying powder underneath my eyes though, this brush is the perfect shape. The slightly pointed tip made it really easy to bake underneath my eyes. I like brushes that can be used for multiple things, so of course I tried this brush with other products as well. I found that it also applies powder contour really well, and I used it to set my eyeshadow primer too. 3 uses for 1 brush gets a thumbs up from me. 

Flat Powder Brush:
Okay, so this brush is definitely not fluffy either, but it did work to dust a thin layer of powder over my entire face. And no, it didn’t remove my foundation like it’s predecessor. However, it does depend how much pressure you use to apply powder. I always use a light hand when applying powder and build up where I need to, otherwise I crease and it is not a pretty sight! 

This brush also works well for powder bronzer and cream blush. But again, use a light hand and build as per your personal preference. Remember, it’s always better to build up a product rather than applying a massive amount in one go and having to remove it. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a difficult road to go down.. so remember, layering is better. Repeat after me: “Light hand is key! ”

Fan brush: 
I noticed with this brush that it doesn’t pick up a lot of product. But the bristles are soft and you can definitely apply more layers of highlighter, according to personal preference. I noticed with some fan brushes that when you apply your highlighter, it sometimes appears like a streak on your face *shudders internally*. I am happy to report this brush doesn’t do that. I use the tip of the brush in a sort of circular motion to blend everything together seamlessly, and seamlessness is what I got. 

Eye Brushes

Eyebrow Brush: 

I used this brush to apply brow powder for which it worked well. I applied brow pomade with it as well, but because the brush isn’t very thin, I couldn’t be precise and my brows ended up looking pretty intense. It isn’t thin enough to mimic hairs with brow pomade, so it works better with brow powder products. I also used this brush to conceal around my lips when I am wearing dark colored matte lipsticks. Because it is angled, it’s easy for me to maneuver. 

Pencil Brush: 

 Just one question; Where has this brush been all my life!? Is it the PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT brush to apply darker eyeshadows precisely, just into the outer “v” of your eye. My smokey eyes has been slaying lately, thanks to this brush. I also use it to apply eyeshadows on my lower lash line and it doesn’t mess with my concealer at all because it is so small and nifty. But wait, that’s not all (I feel like I’m in a commercial) I used it to apply some highlighter to my inner tear duct as well as the size is just perfect! 10/10 for you, my precious. 

Blending Brush: 

I don’t have much to say about this brush because it works the same as most of my other blending brushes. It gets the job done. That’s all that matters.

Large Shading Brush: 

I tried applying eyeshadows to my lid with this brush but it is large, so it sort of covered nearly my whole lid in color. I decided it’s a no no for my lids, and used it to blend out my concealer instead. It works well with liquid concealers but cream concealers are difficult to blend because the brush is a little fluffy. Cream concealer applies much better with denser brushes. 

Do I think it’s worth it?

Hmm… I think it really is up to you personally. If you are someone who doesn’t wear powders on your face or you just wear basic products such as BB cream, lipstick and mascara, then obviously you won’t get much use out of this set, in which case, it won’t be worth it for you. 

The reason why I explain what I use each brush for and how they fared, is so that you can decide if it is something you think you will get use out of. Personally though, if you are a makeup hoarder and addict like me *grins guiltily* then I suggest you snag this set while you can! I say this because most of the sets I have seen are rainbow colored/shinny, but this set is matte, very classy and so sophisticated! That is why it is my favorite. Imagine this set, in a rose gold brush holder, on your all white vanity… *dreamy eyes* ugh. Too much feels for me. 

Where To Purchase: 

Did I mention this set is under R350? To me, that is a really good price. Seeing that majority of sets similar to this, for the same amount of brushes, albeit different styles retail for way more on social media. I cannot speak for those brushes, but I can speak for this one. For the quality of these bristles, these are a good buy. They feel soft to the touch and should last you a really long while, if you take good care of them. You can purchase them from Best Beauty Buys here. There are a variety of sets available on their website, so if this set doesn’t really tickle your fancy, give the other sets a peek. With the variety available on their website, I’m sure there is a set suited for every individuals style preference. 

*Disclaimer: I received this brush set free of charge from Best Beauty Buys but that in no way affected my review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


9 thoughts on “8 Piece Rose Gold Unicorn Brush Set Review ”

  1. These are utterly gorgeous! I’d soema not use them, just stare at them awe-struck on my dressing table. Haha. The fan brush and the pencil brush stood out especially for me 🙂
    Btw, I love how you go into detail about each brush. Great review as always, Aisha 🙂

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