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Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder Review

Last week, I was casually taking a trip down the makeup aisles in Clicks to check out some of the new Essence Cosmetics Trend Edition products, to hopefully pick up some things (I thought was worth it) to review for you guys. As I turned around, I spotted the Wet n Wild Megaglo highlighting powders and I actually couldn’t believe it FINALLY hit SA stores. I was so happy that I was able to get them as I’ve wanted them ever since they released last year. They were part of the Wet n Wild Summer 2016 Limited Edition, but due to popular demand Wet n Wild announced that it would become permanent. I was overjoyed, because that meant that there was hope for me yet, to get my hands on them. And get my hands on them I did. 

How beautiful are they? *sighs in contentment* 

Packaging:These come in a standard Wet n Wild compact. It’s plastic but very sturdy and the powder is tightly packed! Some other drugstore highlighters are so mushy then end up breaking when you use a denser brush to apply them. These however, are nice and secure. Just be sure not to drop them! The powder each has a beautiful leaf pattern embossed on them and I love how it gives the product a pretty “edge”. Each highlighter contain 0.19 OZ. / 4.5 g of product. 


When I first swatched these, I was blown away by the formula. I mean, WHOA! It feels velvety and is soft, smooth and easily blendable. It definitely does have some shimmer but nothing in the lanes of hard glitter chunks or anything. It just gives your skin a beautiful luminous glow. 

Precious Metals swatched

Crown Of My Canopy swatched

Performance And Longevity:

These applied so beautifully on my skin. I applied a very sheer layer the first time I used it, as I was going for a subtle, soft makeup look. The result was a beautiful, lit from within glow that I absolutely loved. The second time around, I was going for more of a glam look. I built it up very intensely and again, the result was beautiful! I did however notice that the more you build it up, the more shimmer is left on your face. Now, for me personally I don’t mind the shimmers, because unlike a few other highlighters I tried, the shimmers in this one did not accentuate my pores and I didn’t resemble a glitter disco ball. After about 3 hours the shimmers started to fade, but I was still left with a beautiful highlight. Both of these lasted a good 7 hours on me, which is amazing for a drugstore highlighter! 

Tools For Application:

Because this formula is so soft, a normal fan brush picked up the product really well. For a more intense application, I used my Real Techniques setting brush. If I had to choose though, I would say the fan brush works better overall. 

Shade Range:

These come in 2 shades 

  • Precious Metals  – a pink champagne shade that has a pretty pearly finish. Perfect for light – medium skin tones.
  • Crown Of My Canopy – a peachy/coppery bronze shade perfect for olive – dark skin tones. This one was a bit too dark for my liking, so I ended up using it a blush topper. I really loved the end result of using it as a blush topper as apposed to using it as a highlighter. 


Okay, so I went through my “stash” to see if I could find some dupes for you guys.

As you can see below, Precious Metals is SUCH a close dupe for Becca’s Opal. The only difference is, Becca is a tad bit creamier and more gold.

It is also a close dupe for Becca’s Champagne Pop. The only difference being Precious Metals is a bit rosier, whereas Champagne Pop has a bit more gold. 

I couldn’t find a dupe for Crown Of My Canopy ,but it makes the shade more unique as I don’t have anything similar to it in my collection. If you have a dupe for it please share it in the comments below. 

Where To Purchase:

I purchased these at Clicks in store for R79.95 each. I know right!? A knockout highlighter for under R100!? Kudos Wet n Wild. Kudos for stepping up and bringing us a high quality highlighter at such an affordable price. Take notes, Catrice and Essence. 


If you aren’t into shimmery highlighters, these might not be for you. For the price though, I think you could pick one up to try. If it doesn’t work as a highlighter for you, perhaps try using it a blush topper or inner corner highlight. I have combination skin, so perhaps it will adhere differently to your skin type and won’t end up being too shimmery.

For those of you who loves shimmering, poppin’ highlighters, or just great highlighters in general :YOU NEED THIS. I am considering getting back ups, as I am quite positive these will keep selling out really fast. I cannot wait to get my hands on the 2 new shades of these highlighters, The Sweetest Bling and Lilac To Reality. 

Have you tried these highlighters before? Let me know how you found them in the comments. 


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