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Kylie Koko Kollection: Real vs Fake

Some of you might know, Kylie Cosmetics is now available on Takealot via Bare Beauty SA online store. There has been quite a bit of debating whether or not Bare Beauty sells authentic products, so today I will be comparing an original Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection from Bare Beauty vs a fake Koko Kollection I purchased from an unauthentic seller/store. 
Before I get started, I just want to mention that it was extremely difficult to take these pictures. As you might know, the packaging is reflective, which made my task of taking pictures quite difficult. I did my best though, and hopefully you I’ve captured all the detail correctly. 

Let’s get straight to it! 

Packaging: At first glance, you can see the original packaging is pure white while the fake is more cream. The font and wording is neat on the original and the fake is untidy. The original packaging has a glossy finish and the fake has a matte finish. The original is wider and a bit bigger than the fake. The original has a rose gold boarder and the fake is more gold. The original is wider but the fake is longer/bigger. The back of the original is clear and the fake has a print on it. When you slide out the inside and turn it around, the back of the original packaging has a different font, font color and the wording is completely different to the fake. The inside of the original has a glossy finish and the fake has a matte finish. The original lip products are neatly packed and the holes are the perfect size. The fakes are untidy and not well “fitted” in the packaging. The holes are big and small. The original’s holes sort of goes down into a oval shape and the fake is perfect circles. 


Packaging: The original is wider and longer than the fake. The original is more gold whereas the fake is more rose gold. Once you remove the lid u can clearly see the difference between the original and the fake. Also the dripping on the original is a bit lower than that of the fake. The top of all the original’s has a slightly rounded edge, wheras the fakes are all flat. 

Applicator: The original wand is longer in length and the doefoot applicator is smaller. The original feels strudy and the fake feels hard and plastic like. 

Swatches: The original OKUUR is a beautiful, bright fushia – almost neon – pink, and the fake looks more red and is no where near as vibrant. The fake applied patchy and the original applied easily and very opaque.

Bottom: The stickers are completely different. The original sticker is silver and the fake is gold. You can also see that the fake sticker is missing a lot of details. 


Packaging: Again, all of the original tubes are a bit wider and longer than the fake. The drippings on all of the originals are also a a bit lower than the fakes, and the tube color is gold whereas the fake is more rose gold. The original wording at the bottom is lower than the fake and KOKO is much cleaer and bolder. 

Applicator: already explained the difference between the applicator for OKUUR. The differences are the same. 

Swatches: These are complete different colors. KHLO$ is a cool yellow nude (it looks pinkier on me) and the fake is a warm brick toned nude. Formulas are complete oppisites as well. 

Bottom: The sticker on the fake says OKUUR, and as you can see that’s not the only thing that’s wrong. Sigh. 



On all of the originals, there’s a little gap before the drippings, where you can clearly see the color of the product. None of the fakes has that “gap”. 

As you can see from the above pictures, the drippings on the fake is almost the same as the originals, but not quite. I only took pictures of the drippings right around with this one shade, because I checked all the other originals, and the drippings are all the same on all of them. On the fakes they are all the same as well. 


Swatches: GORG is a red burgundy wine color, and the fake is slightly more purple. I had to do many swipes of the fake to get the color to show up properly. It was patchy upon application and felt very tight. The original needed 2 layers to be fully opaque but it was much smoother. 



Packaging: You can clearly see the color difference within the tubes. 

Applicator: The original applicator on DAMN GINA is a small brush and the fake is a doefoot applicator. 

Swatches: DAMN GINA is a soft shimmery peach-pink and the fake is a baby pink. You can also see the difference in the consistency. The original is a thick formula and the fake is very sheer. I built up about 5 layers for the above picture and it was still sheer.I built up the fake gloss a bit more here but it just became a gloopy mess.


Now that I’ve covered each lip product, I want to talk about the formula difference. The original formula is very pigmented and applies amazing. The fake burnt my hand (where I swatched) and was such a task to remove (I literally had to scrub it off). My hand was left red and irritated and I was terrified it would swell up. Luckily it didn’t, but I cannot imagine putting the fakes on my lips. You might be thinking “oh but it’s still a lipstick, it cannot do much harm…” but you’re wrong. Fake makeup is made in unsanitary factories and is mass produced. Some fakes has been proven to contain led, petrol, rat droppings, acid, and countless other harmful ingredients that could be extremely dangerous to your health. 

Difference In Smell:

The original Kylie lip products all have a delicious vanilla scent, whereas the fakes smell like paint and chemicals. The fake gloss in this set smelled of cheap lipsticks, the kind you get at a Chinese store. 

Difference In Price: 

The original Koko Kollection retails for R1200+ and I bought the fake set for R200. The price is a big give away but often the people selling fakes charge R1000+ leading you to believe it is the original. 

Where You Can Purchase The Original: 

The original Koko Kollection is from Bare Beauty SA. They are currently out of stock but keep an eye out on their website for a restock. If you were hesitant to purchase from them before, you can now rest assured that their Kylie Cosmetics products are all 100% original. I can vouch for that. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or drop me an email on the ‘contact’ page. 

I hope you all found this post informative. Please help me spread awareness for fake makeup by sharing my blog post to all of your loved ones who loves makeup and beauty. 

Would you like to see more of these types of posts? Let me know! 


7 thoughts on “Kylie Koko Kollection: Real vs Fake”

  1. Loved your very in-depth review. It’s greatly appreciated. There are so many people selling fakes at the original prices, who think it’s okay to con people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shukran for reading, Haneem (beautiful name, btw ☺️)
      I agree with you 100%. People selling fakes at original prices should take a moment to think about their actions. It’s just down right wrong, ripping people off. It makes me really angry.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. X


  2. Awesome post! It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into analysing every aspect of the these glosses, so this is extremely useful. I’ve been wondering about how to spot the fakes and this definitely helps. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading. It did take a lot of effort but I don’t mind as I hope my post can be useful to others. I’m really glad you found it informative. You’re so welcome! I will be doing another comparison post soon. Xx


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