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Single Make-Up Brushes From Best Beauty Buys 

I’ve received a number of inquiries a few weeks back regarding single large fan brushes. Ladies were asking me where they could purchase a single, large fan brush that wouldn’t cost them R200+. I didn’t know of any drugstore or online stores selling large single fan brushes. Cala (at Dischem), Beautique (at Red Square Beauty), and Eco Tools (at Clicks) had single fan brushes, but they are all the small ones. I then checked online if any stores within SA had any large ones available, or if they would be become available soon, but I had no luck. It was a dead end. But then, lucky for you ladies, Best Beauty Buys brought it in about 2 weeks ago! *claps excitedly* 

Large Fan Brush:As you can see, the brush is pretty large. When I washed it, I noticed about 3 shed hairs, but other than that it held it’s shape pretty well. It a little bit densely packed. I’ve used it to apply highlighter to my cheekbones and it does a good job. It doesn’t pick up a lot of product at once, but I prefer building my highlighter up anyway so it doesn’t look like a white streak. You can definitely build with this brush and it isn’t too flimsy. It is made of synthetic bristles and is cruelty free. This brush retails for R75 which I think it a very good price seeing that the Cala small fan brush retails for R50. You can buy this brush from Best Beauty Buys here

Best Beauty also got in some other single brushes. I’ve tested a few of them so I will give a small run down of the ones I have tested as well as the others that’s available, so you can see if you need any of them in your collection. I know that often you look for one single brush, and majority of those times you cannot find it available individually. Luckily now you can add just the brushes you need, without having to purchase an entire set. 

Mask Treatment Brush R75 

Facial Mask Brush  R56 I actually felt this brush and it feels amazing! If you’re someone who loves wearing face masks this brush is a must. It feels like jelly and is so soft and gentle. No more messing up your foundation brushes to apply face masks. That will be a thing of the past! 

Flat Foundation Brush R85 This is very different to your average foundation brush. As you can see, it has a little hole in the centre where you are supposed to put your foundation into. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this brush. When I tried it I used one pump of foundation in the centre and applied it in circular motions of my face. I noticed that applying in circular motions makes the foundation very streaky, so I used dragging motions instead and it worked much better. I also noticed that when there is a lot of produtc in the centre it doesn’t blend out well, so I just “dotted” the foundation all over my face and when the centre of the brush was empty, only then did I start blending again and it worked much better and was significantly less streaky. The brush is dense but feels soft againts your skin. I was worried that it would keep a ton of product behind but it didn’t, which is so surprising. It doesn’t work well with thick foundations though, but BB creams and liquid foundations applies quite well. There wasn’t any shedding when I washed it and I love that it comes with a little tube to store it in. No more worrying about your foundation brushes getting dust on them on your vanity. 

Sculpting Brush R95 This brush applies contour and bronzing powders so easily. It looks a little splyed in the picture, but don’t let that fool you! This brush is super handy for beginners starting out with powder contouring, as it blends nicely too. 
Flat Contour Brush R95 
This brush also applies powder contour really well, but picks up a lot of product, so just be sure to use a light hand. This brush is super handy for beginners starting out with powder contouring, it blends nicely too. Super easy to use, affordable, great for beginners. It’s s YES from me! 

‘S’ Shaped Contour Brush (with lid) R120 

Thin Sculpting Brush Price TBCThis brush applies cream contour easily because it sort of “hugs” the hollows of your cheekbones, as well your jawline and hairline when contouring. It is also not fluffy so it won’t splay your cream product all over the place. The only downside is it doesn’t blend the contour out well, but I used my beauty blender to blend and was pleased with the results. I’d say give this brush a go if you want to “draw” your contour lines precisely. 

Spoon Foundation Brush R75

They also have these pretty cute empty Makeup Brush Holders R168 – R199 
So, there you have it! I love that these brushes are mostly under R100. The price is comparable to drugstore makeup brushes which is great. I definitely wouldn’t want to pay R200+ for a single drugstore makeup brush, and I suppose not many others would want to either. I love when a product is affordable, but also good quality. All of these brushes are cruelty free. 

Best Beauty Buys will also be bringing in single large powder brushes, as well as some single eye brushes, so if you need a large powder/single eye brushes in your collection, keep an eye out on their Instagram to stay updated.

Disclaimer: I received these brushes from Best Beauty Buys free of charge but that in no way affects my review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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