Led Light Compact Mirror – A Must Have For Your Handbag 

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so not ready for the week ahead. With Winter right around the corner, it’s SO hard to get out of my warm bed in the mornings.. Winter is my favorite season, but getting up in the mornings is definitely a tough task! I always sleep up until the last minute during Winter, – because you know, I tell myself it’s too cold to get up – which means I often don’t have time for everything in the mornings. I then have to decide between eating breakfast or doing my makeup and I often choose breakfast, because a warm cuppa tea is definitely worth it! It’s like a warm hug, but for your insides. After I’ve had my breakfast there is no time to do my makeup, so I have to do it in the car. I don’t usually wear a full face of makeup during Winter, because it’s so cold and my skin often gets dry. I usually opt for a bold lipstick, cream blush, mascara, concealer and brow pencil. The morning hours of Winter are usually quite dark, which makes applying my makeup in the car a strenuous task indeed. I’m sure I am not the only one who struggles with this? *major sigh* I am so psyched though, because I received this little Led Light Mirror from Best Beauty Buys.I was so excited when I received it, that I ripped it open and lost the packaging. I always take blog pictures before I open a product, but I just couldn’t help myself. The mirror came on a cardboard card with a plastic over. 

This is a LED mirror, which means it is battery operated. I expected it to come without batteries and was prepared to buy my own, but to my surprise it went on when I clicked the ‘on’ button. The button isn’t one of those that stands out at the sides.  

As you can see from above, you push this little button in, and it goes on/off. Super easy!

The mirror is completely white, which means… DECORATING! I’m wanted to personalize my one for a while now, but I just couldn’t decided on a color or layout. I’ve finally settled on rose gold, and so I’m on the hunt for rose gold studs/bedazzles. I’ve been enjoying this mirror so much. It’s super handy and compact and I love that it barely takes up space in my handbag. It can fold right around and stands on its own, at any angle. Awesome, right?! I hate having to put my mirrors against something to keep it upright. 

The mirror itself is of good quality, and doesn’t feel cheap/flimsy. Only the one side of the mirror has lights, but it provides enough light for you to do your makeup properly and with ease. The lights are white toned, which I love. I am NOT a fan of yellow toned lights. 
I think this is a great, nifty little product for your handbag. It also makes a wonderful gift, as you can personalize it. 

You can purchase the Led Light Mirror from Best Beauty Buys here. It will last, because you just replace the batteries when the light dims out. It retails for R220.

They also have the bigger version of this mirror back in stock in white and black. The Led Vanity Table Mirror. It is perfect for any vanity! 

It retails for R895 and can be purchased here. Read my review of this mirror here.

That’s it for today. 
I hope you guys have a lovely week ahead. 

Disclaimer: I received this product from Best Beauty Buys free of charge, but that in no way influenced my opinion on the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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