Ramadan 2017 – What’s The Use If You’re On Fleek But Your Soul Is On Weak? 

Ramadan officially started today. I can feel the change in atmosphere. I feel calm, and ready for this beautiful spiritual month. I don’t do many lifestyle blog posts, so I thought now would be the perfect time to start. For my non Muslim readers, Ramadan is a month in which it is compulsory for all Muslims who has reached puberty to fast. We fast from the break of dawn, to sunset.

Not only is this month ascribed to us to abstain from food or drink, but rather, to abstain from all unlawful acts. It is a month in which you train yourself to abstain from wrongful/unlawful acts. A month of pure spiritual upliftment. It is also the month is which The Holy Qur’aan (the book of Allah) was revealed to our beloved Prophet. The Qu’raan has been left as a guidance for those who believe. I don’t talk about myself at all, because I am a very private person… you guys don’t know this, but I have studied the Qur’aan since a very young age. It has honestly been such a blessing in my life and in all that I do. It has and still continues to be a great source of nur (light) in my life, الحمدالله.

I wanted to share something quite special with you guys, which you can print out. If you’re like me, and you enjoy planners and to-do-lists, you will thoroughly enjoy this little ‘Ramadan Planner’. If you enjoy scrapbooking as I do (well, occasionally) you could personalize this planner and have some fun with it. If you have children, you could even have them decorate the pages to occupy them and make this month exciting for them. Perhaps with every day they have completed fasting (whether it is half / full day) they could tick it off, and you could get them something small for every 10 days they complete. In no way should you tell them “if you fast, I will buy you things..” no, I don’t think that’s a good idea, because then they will do it for the wrong reasons. Rather, explain to them that they should do it for Allah, and if they want gifts, they should make Du’aa at the time of Iftaar, and ask the One Who Loves To Give. Perhaps every 10 days, you get them something small and tell them that it is a blessing from Allah, because it is. Even if we buy it ourselves, it is still a blessing from Allah. I’m not a parent, so I’m not trying to tell you how to raise your kids. However, I work with kids of all ages, and I find that from a young age, these kids start building a foundation based on what you teach them. So teach them this: sure, A is for apple, but first and foremost, A is for Allah, our Creator. Teach them to love Allah. Teach them about Ramadan, about Salaah, about our beloved Prophet (SAW). Teach them from a young age, and watch them prosper into amazing, young Muslims, In Shaa Allah.

I know you guys all love beauty as much as I do, but I just want to say, let’s use this Holy Month to focus on our inner beauty, instead of our makeup/outer beauty. Let’s focus on the beauty of our hearts, because what is a beautiful face, without a beautiful heart? What’s the use in being on “fleek” when you soul is on weak?

So, my lovelies, may Allah grant us not only brows that are on “fleek” , but hearts and manners that will be “fleeky” too, Ameen.

Please remember me and my family in your Du’aas, and I hope this planner will be beneficial to you all.

Ramadaan planner

Warm Ramdaan wishes and Du’aas


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