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ELF Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette Light Review, Swatches & Dupes

I’ve been so psyched to share this post with you guys because I found 2 amazing dupes within this palette. I was so close to sharing the dupes on my Instagram, but wanted to keep it a surprise. Let’s be real, everyone enjoys a good dupe, right? I know I do! 

First things first though; the review. 

This is the ELF Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette in Light. 

Packaging: The product comes packaged in a sleek, matte black plastic compact. Because it is plastic it makes it easy to just wipe clean of any makeup stains/marks. It has a large good quality mirror inside that doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s quite sturdy and isn’t too bulky. I didn’t detect a smell in this palette, which is rather awesome. 

For size comparison, I went through my palettes and looked for something roughly about the same size. As you can see, the Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette is almost exactly the same size as this palette (please excuse how gross my Wet n Wild palette looks – it is well loved). 

This palette is 0.56oz/16g. The blushes are all 1g and a total of 4g of product each.

I wish the blushes had names, but unfortunately they do not. If you have more than one ELF palette like this one, it will be quite difficult to tell them apart due to the fact that there is nothing printed on the top indicating what is inside. It does have a small sticker on the back though, so maybe you could just remove the sticker and paste it on the front? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. 

The pans in this palette can be popped out. If you own any other 4 pan ELF Blush/Contour/highlight palettes like this one, you can pop ’em out and customize one palette to include your favorites. This makes it pretty practical (for some) and quite travel friendly. I must warn you though, the blushes are stuck in pretty tight, so you need to hold the edges before popping out the pan(s) otherwise it will go flying across the room. Yep, I speak from experience. *dramatatic sigh*

Formula & Pigmentation:  

This palette contains 3 mattes and 1 shimmer shade. The mattes are not very flat though, and feel a tinge satin-like. They do feel chalky when using/swatching them for the first time. The shimmer blush doesn’t feel gritty and isn’t sparkly at all. If you blend for a bit, the shimmers aren’t noticeable at all. 

When I used this palette for the first time, it took forever to build up the color on my cheeks. It felt dry, and didn’t blend well. The second time around, I dug my brush in firmly to remove the waxy overlay on the blushes. After that, the formula was tons better! Even though there were quite some fall out, it felt smoother, was pigmented and blended better too. It was the same with the highlighter, you have to scrape off the top layer to get to the good stuff. Perhaps ELF coats all their powder products with a waxy film to preserve them. Perhaps the products dry out in storage… who knows. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker though, because I had the exact same thing happen to me with a different product from a different brand. 

The palette contains: 

  1. A light pink cool toned shade (matte) 
  2. A neutral light brown shade with a teensy bit of peach undertones (matte) 
  3. A warm toned pink with slight blue undertones (matte) 
  4. A coral pink shade with a medium warm undertone (shimmer) 

Performance & Longivety: 

These colors are very wearable both for glam or everyday makeup looks, making the palette quite versatile. As you can see, they swatch very sheer, and when you build up the swatches it starts to looks chalky. It’s a different story when you apply it to your cheeks though *winks*. 

The blushes all have a very slight chalky feel as well as some powder kick up when you swipe a brush over the pan. By no means is it a terrible amount though, so it isn’t that bad. It is my first time using ELF blushes, and even after mentioning the above, they still exceeded my expectations. I expected some rough texture with possible patchiness during application and no pigment at all.. but oh my, I was indeed in for a surprise!

These blushes are really decently pigmented, so instead of using a dense blush brush (like I did the first 2 times to get rid of the waxy overlay) I used my Real Techniques Blush Brush because it is so fluffy and you can easily control how much product you want on the brush. By no means do you have to use the same brush I do, a different brush could also work. If you don’t have a blush brush in your collection you could even use your powder / stippling brush. Just tap off excess product before applying to your face and – repeat after me – use a light hand. I really don’t think looking like a clown is something any makeup lover aspires toward. The swatches doesn’t show up too well on the back of my hand, because my hand is darker than my face. The neutral light brown peachy shade doesn’t show up too great on the back of my hand, but hopefully the finger swatches you can see it better.These blushes aren’t too bad at blending, and they aren’t patchy on my cheeks. The first and third shade in this palette didn’t suit my skintone too well, but when mixing it with the remaining 2 shades it worked out. The neutral brown shade looks amazing on my skin. Think a “no makeup” makeup look with nude lips and mascara. Both the neutral light brown shade and pinky coral shimmer shade are my favorites. They are the most flattering on my skin and I’ve already made a slight dent in them from using them so much  

Wiithout a full face of makeup and just a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, these last about 3 – 3.5 hours on me. When I do wear a full face of makeup though, they last much longer, about 9 hours with only slight fading. Do keep in mind though, that wear time varies from person to person. I have combination skin, but even if you have the same skin type as mine it doesn’t necessarily mean the products will last as long on you as it does on me. It might last for a shorter or longer period of time on you, because many factors come into play.


Okay, now for the exciting part! *drum roll* my 2 favorite shades in this palette are great dupes for 2 shades in the Becca Cosmetics Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection face palette *shrieks with excitement!* 

The 2nd shade in this palette is a great dupe for Ameretto in the Becca Jaclyn palette. It’s not exactly the same, obviously, but it is really close. Becca is softer, smoother, applies like satin and is a tinge warmer than the ELF shade. It is however still a pretty decent dupe.

The 4th shade in the ELF palette is a dupe for Becca Jaclyn’s Pamplemousse. Again, as you can see, Pamplemousse is smoother, more pigmented and better quality overall, but (again) the dupe is also pretty decent and is a great option if you do not have the Jaclyn Champagne palette. 

Considering the price of these palettes, the ELF is pretty dencent and is WAY cheaper than the Becca palette. Also, the Becca palette was limited edition and is no longer available, so the ELF blush palette in Light is a great affordable alternative. 

Shade Selection: 

There are 2 variants of this palette currently available – Light and Dark. 

Light is best suited for fair – light medium skin tones, while Dark is best suited for dark – deep skin tones. 

I really wish ELF adds a medium palette to this range, because the Dark palette will be much too dark for me, and 2 shades in the Light palette is a tinge too light for me (on it’s own). 


I am quite pleased with this palette especially since it is pretty easy to mix and match, creating custom shades. Even though there were some cons, I’m not put off by it because of how affordable the palette is. They retail for R180 each which works out to R45 per blush. That’s on par with Essence and Catrice. Also, ELF Cosmetics is cruelty free, which is great! 

Where To Purchase: 

This palette is available from Accessories By Bwalya. As mentioned they are R180 each. Bwalya is currently sold out on it, but will be receiving more stock around the end of this month (which is so close!). She unfortunately only ordered the Light variant of this palette, but if you are interested in the Dark one, you can contact her either on Instagram  / Facebook to see if she can pre-order it for you. 

Alrighty then, this was a rather lengthy post but I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you’d like to take a peek and my previous reviews on ELF Cosmetic products, you can find the Baked Highlighter review here (it is also a great dupe for a cult favorite highlighter) , and the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder review here

And that’s it from me today guys. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as I will be having an international giveaway on there real soon. 

Disclaimer: I recieved this palette from Accessories By Bwalya free of charge, but that in no way influenced my opinion on the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


11 thoughts on “ELF Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette Light Review, Swatches & Dupes”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed this review. I wanted to include dupes because I know not many people. can afford to pay crazy amounts of money for a blush / highlight palette. And honestly, sometimes affordable products works just as great as more expensive, high end ones.
      I haven’t tried many ELF products but from the little I have tried, I am super impressed.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🌷

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Just tap off excess product before applying to your face and – repeat after me – use a light hand. I really don’t think looking like a clown is something any makeup lover aspires toward.”
    I’m not much of a blush person, probably because I’m afraid the clown effect will occur lol. But these shades looks really nice for summer maybe…
    I also pictured the pans flying across the room while reading this.


  2. I so agree with you, I think a medium palette would be the perfect one! I like the mauvey shade in the dark palette, but also really love the peach shade in the light palette. Great review. I only own an Elf matte eyeshadow palette and I quite like it. It’s such a pity we don’t have such great local brands available in SA. R180 is not a bad price though for 4 blushes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know hey! I so wish we had brands such as Milani, Cover Girl, Makeup Revolution and Sleek available in stores. Sometimes you just need to swatch something before taking the plunge and purchasing. I agree, R180 is an average price for drugstore palettes. And the packaging doesn’t look / feel cheap which is always a plus.

      Thanks for reading! 😘


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