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Essence Eye & Face Palette Review

I’ve been experiencing major writers block this past week hence I haven’t uploaded a new blog post. I’m just in need of a little inspiration, you know? I’m sure all of my fellow bloggers will understand that sometimes one just needs a little break from blogging and social media to focus on life and family. To just take a step back and be present. One often needs to focus on oneself, and Allah (God) in order to gain tranquility.. After all, any success in life whether minor or major, is all through God’s grace and mercy. I didn’t wanna leave you guys hanging though, so I made myself a lovely cup of tea and started writing away (yes, even though I have writers block and am feeling uninspired.) 

As the title suggests, today’s review is on a – kind of – new product from Essence Cosmetics. They released quite a bit of new products a few months ago, and I managed to pick up some of them. These palettes are not limited edition, which means there’s plenty to go around. 

The pallete is plastic which feels pretty sturdy. It has a little ‘how-to’ guide at the back which shares the basis of creating a soft defined eye look, which is quite easy to pull off. I think the guide is pretty neat for beginners. It doesn’t come with a mirror or any brushes, but I suppose it’s so the price can stay affordable. 

The palette is in the shade 02 Rise And Shime. It contains a blush, highlighter and 4 eyeshadows. That’s what attracted me to this palette – the fact that it contained everything (well, almost everything) to do a quick makeup look on the go. I also really loved the rose gold eyeshadow shade as well as the peachy blush. All the shades just corresponded well together and had me pretty excited. 

When you look at the above picture closely, it sort of looks like the shades are all crumbly, doesn’t it? After taking the pictures I immediately swatched the shades to see what it would be like. I was pretty excited to find that the shadows were pigmented and didn’t swatch crumbly. After testing it out though, my excitement faded.. 

The first thing I used was the highlighter. Because of the formula it’s not very smooth or intense. It’s more of a subtle daily highlight. It applied powdery to my cheekbones and I just felt like it didn’t look well blended, no matter what brush/sponge I used. It sort of looked like a white streak on my cheekbones, and ‘the stark white streaky highlight’ look is one of my makeup pet peeves. The blush was such a pretty color, but because I’m not fair (NC43) I had to build up the application which resulted in a powdery mess. I tried the blush as a highlight on a different occasion and the color suited my skin much better than the actual highlight shade, which was just a tad bit too light for my liking. Both the highlighter and blush are so shimmery and does not blend together well, at least not on me. The eyeshadows are similar. I primed my eyes with different primers and each time it was a fail. You see, there are no mattes in this palette, only one satin shade which is a mid-tone taupe color. I used the taupe color for my crease but because I’m not fair it looked a bit ashy and didn’t add enough dimension to my lid. I then applied the darkest shade to my outer corners and blended it with the taupe color, only to find that the more I blended the more the colors blended away? I tried a denser brush but the result was the same. I then went in with the rose gold shade and applied it to my lid only to find that once blended, all the shadows on my lid merged and not in a good way. All I saw was a shimmer mess. It was a complete fail but I didn’t call it quits just yet.  I decided to do a simple eye look and after priming I used the satin mid-tone taupe shade in my crease and blended so lightly. I then applied the rose gold shade on my lid, but before I did I first applied concealer just on that lid area and blended it very slightly. I applied the rose gold shade with a flat synthetic brush whilst the concealer on my lid was still tacky. I did this so the rose eyeshadow had something to adhere to and adhere it did. It was much more vibrant and I have to say it looked very pretty when used this way. The color is so flattering on my skin tone as well.  

Other than that though, the palette was a miss for me. It has tons of powder kick up and because the pans are so close together, this leads to said powder kick up spilling into their neighboring pans. Colors mixing from pan to pan is another makeup pet peeve of mine. *dramatic sigh* 

The shadows, blush and highlight lasted about 3 hours on me before fading, even over primer. On the positive side though, I did find some dupes in this palette. 

The rose gold shade is not as intense as Rose Quartz in the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Palette, but it is a pretty decent dupe. 

Cyprus Umber from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is darker than the Essence shadow. It’s also matte, whereas the Essence shade has some shimmer and a slight (very slight) green shift. 

Vermeer from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is more pigmented and much smoother than the Essence highlight shade, but again, it’s a really decent dupe. 

Tempera is also from the Modern Renaissance palette. Again, it’s more pigmented, smoother and softer than the Essence eyeshadow. 
Giza in the Juvia’s Masquerade Palette (see my review here) is more shimmery, not as flat, and more champagne compared to the champagne shade in the Essence palette. 

The Rose Gold eyeshadow in the Carli Bybel Deluxe palette is definitely more intense than the Essence one, as you can see below. 

The Dark Brown shade in the Carli Bybel palette is matte and a tinge lighter than the Essence shade. 

The second shade in the first row of eyehsadows in the Carli Bybel palette is similar to the Easence blush shade but it’s just a little more shimmery and a tinge darker. 

Wow, so many dupes in this little palette. I just have to mention though, that the dupes in the Essence palette is definitely not the same quality as the shades in the other palettes. The main difference is texture, longevity and formula. However, if you cannot afford any of the above palettes, the dupes in the Essence palette are pretty okay. Also, some of these shades might even work better for you than they do for me.  

If you’re fair I think the Essence palette will work much better for you, because usually ladies who are fair doesn’t need to build up application of eyeshadows/blush/highlight, because most shades show up immediately. So yeah, if you’re fair I think you should give this palette a go. If you’re my color (NC43) or darker and you’re not into shimmers / dupes, then I suggest you give this one a skip. If you do like the shades though, it is affordable enough to try out. I also think this palette is great for beginners just getting into makeup. I know when I just started wearing makeup, I was looking for a little palette that contained most things, similar to this one. 

It comes in 2 variants: 

  • 01 Glow For It  
  • 02 Rise And Shine

It’s available from Dis-chem, Clicks and Takealot. It retails for R89.95 which is pretty affordable for everything it contains. If it doesn’t work for you, you won’t have to worry as it won’t leave a dent in your wallet. 

If you guys have tried 01 Glow For It, do let me know how/if it worked for you. I swatched it in store, but it was chalky and ashy on my skin *sigh* hopefully it works better on fair skin tones. 
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette can be purchased from Pink Cosmetics. Use my code ‘stardust’ for a discount. 

The Juvias Masquerade palette can be purchased from Samika. Use my code ‘stardust’ for a discount. 

The Carli Bybel Deluxe palette can be purchased from Best Beauty Buys in store. 

Thank you for reading! 

12 thoughts on “Essence Eye & Face Palette Review”

  1. I don’t know…I have never found an Essence palette I like, so I just stay away. I’ve had to regift too many palettes.

    A lot of work went into this post though! So much time must have gone in to it. That rose colour that is a dupe for the becca shade is stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only Essence palette I like is the Bronzed palette for an all over lid color when I’m lazy 😂.

      Oh yes, so much work. Dupe hunting is quite tough but it helps those who can’t afford the more expensive brands.

      Omw YES! I love me some rose gold shades 😭😍 it’s GORGEOUS on my skin and I’ve been obsessed with the color lately. I only bought this palette for that shade 😂 have since gotten rid of it because I don’t see myself using it. At all.


  2. I wanted to try this one, but I have so many palettes even though people seem to really love it. I like that rose gold shade, it might be the reason I buy whole palette. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it might work great on you, because you’re lighter than me. It is pretty affordable too which is a great plus. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve missed reading your posts. Going to binge-read tonight 😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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