Dr-Rashel Black Peel Off Mask Review

A few weeks ago, Urban Addiction reached out to me asking if I wanted to review the Dr Rashel black head mask. I was keen to do so as I haven’t reviewed anything similar on my blog yet. I also wanted to see for myself how/if it works.

What Is A Black Head Peel Off Mask?

A collagen and charcoal face mask that can be used to remove blackheads, excessive sebum, acne, dead skin cells and oils from your nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. It also removes tiny hairs on the face such as peach fuzz etc.

It comes packaged in a 60ml tube which will last you quite a while. It has the experaration date on the box, so I suggest you make a note somewhere of when it will expire. Using expired face masks and face care is a huge no-no.

I was actually quite nervous to use this because from the few YouTube video’s I’ve seen, it looked like it hurts a bunch! *shudders* I then just built up the courage and used it for the first time a few days after I recieved it.

The consistency is gooey and tar-like. It’s a tiny bit thick but not too much. The instructions on the box states to wipe the area’s you want to use this product on with a hot cloth, as to open up the pores. I decided steaming my face would be better, so that’s what I did. Prior to steaming my face I just washed it with some gentle face wash as to cleanse away any oils or build up.

I’ve seen people use their hands to apply this mask, but I thought a brush would work better. I squeezed out some of the product directly onto my paddle shaped foundation brush (any brush would work but make sure it is clean) and applied it to my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. The product spreads out really well on the face. I used two thin layers on all area’s mentioned because I felt three layers would be too much. I must admit this mask smells lovely! It smelles a little like perfume but it isn’t too strong nor overwhelming. I quite love the smell, actually. While I was waiting for the mask to dry I washed my foundation brush with some brush soap and warm water. It’s quite easy to clean when the product hasn’t dried down on your brush, so I suggest cleaning the brush you’ve while it is still wet.

The instructions states to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Because I applied two layers that weren’t very thick, I only kept it on for about 17 minutes because at that time it was completely dry. It does make your skin feel very tight whilst drying though. It feels quite weird and definitely takes some getting used to. After the mask was completely dried I was a little nervous to remove it. Man, was I right to be. I removed my forehead section first and whoa! it was painful. I think mostly because I had small peach fuzz on my forehead and the mask removed those as well, hence the pain. It’s like waxing.. for your face. I had to remove the mask piece by piece because this stuff sticks.

My cheeks hurt just as bad but not so much my nose. After removing everything my face was on fire! It was red and felt hot to the touch. I have extremely sensitive (combination) skin, so after 2 minutes all the areas I used the mask on was swollen. It was so painful. I kept an ice pack on my face to soothe the inflammation. After that I checked the mask to see if it really did remove all it claimed it would. Now, I don’t have problematic skin per say, but I did see about 3 blackheads on the mask as well as tiny tiny hairs. My face didn’t really look different, but after about 4 hours when the swelling went down and my face wasn’t on fire anymore, it did feel smoother to the touch and my tzone was significantly less oily. After my face settled down I used a toner to get rid of any tiny mask residue and applied some moisturizer.

My sister (who has acne scarring) also used this mask once, and it worked amazing for her skin. Her skin only gets a tiny bit red after removal but it doesn’t swell up or burn,like mine did. My sister used the mask 3 times a week as stated on the box for severe blackheads etc. It also states that it “whitens” (I think they mean brightens? ) the areas you use it on but that wasn’t the case for me. For my sister though, after about 2 weeks of use her acne scaring has lightened a bit and her skin does look a little clearer than before.

Overall I don’t think I’ll ever use this again because of the reaction I got. I used it thrice and each time I got the same reaction. I think I’ll stick to exfoliating with charcoal masks instead. If however you don’t have extremely sensitive skin like I do and you suffer from blackheads, oiliness, clogged pores and occasional dull tired skin, this product is worth a shot. Just do make sure to spot test on a small patch of skin before using it on your entire face, and read the ingredients to see if there is anything in it that will irritate your skin.

If you plan on using this mask on your entire face then please avoid your hairline and eyebrows. If, by accident some product got onto your brows, wet a q-tip with warm water and wipe it off IMMEDIATELY before it dries. You don’t want your eyebrows coming off when you’re removing your mask. Also, if you’re using this mask make sure you use it when you’re not going anywhere. Personally I think after using this, toning and moisturizing, your skin needs a little time to recuperate, you know what I mean? So it’s best to use when you’re free and have no appointments/events to attend to.

This product is available from Urban Addiction here. It retails for R55 which is quite affordable considering the amount of product you get. Thank you, Urban Addiction for sending me this product to try out.

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me free of charge but that in now way affects my review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Dr-Rashel Black Peel Off Mask Review”

  1. Oh dear! I feel so sorry for you. The pain that you went through with this mask. I think I have skin like your sister who can deal with these kinds of masks. This mask sounds interesting though it reminds me of the Boscia Black Peel off mask 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a high pain threshold, so it’s okay. It’s quite amazing how different each individual’s skin reacts to certain products.

      I’ve never heard of Boscia before. But then again most people haven’t heard of Dr.Rashel either.

      Thank you for stopping by! Xx


  2. R55 is super reasonable for this amount of quantity. What I find interesting is how differently your skin and your sisters’ skin reacted to it. I’m terrified of using these kinds of masks in case I have a reaction.


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