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Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder Review – Hit Or Miss?

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you saw the new Essence Cosmetics products I picked up a bit over a month ago. There is quite a bit of new releases, but I manged to control the urge to buy everything and only picked up 3 items.. for now *sly grin*. The first item I will be reviewing is the Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder in 10 bababanana

I was very excited when I saw a drugstore pressed banana powder. So far, the only other drugstore brand in South Africa that has a banana colored powder is LA Girl, but I tried their translucent loose powder and it was awful. So, when I saw the Essence powder I knew it was a product I wanted to try.


The product comes in a standard Essence compact which is not the worst it terms of quality. It is transparent like all other Essence powder compacts. The compact is average in size and contains 0.31oz of product.It has a picture printed on the back to show you where to apply this product. I think it’s helpful for those new to makeup.

Performance & Longevity:

I was very psyched to try this product out. When I first swathed it I noticed the texture to be softer that my other Essence face powder compacts. It has a very slight “makeup” smell, but nothing that bothers me. I had high hopes for this, but it was definitely not what I was expecting.When I dipped my brush into the pan there was so much fall out. It was everywhere! I then tried a different, fluffier brush and the fall-out was still the same. I have tried other Essence face powder products before and while they do have some fall out, it was nothing as extreme as this. When applied with a beauty blender the fall out is considerably less, but I don’t always like to use my blender for powders as the dampness can sometimes ruin certain (powder) products.

I shrugged off my disappointment and applied the product anyway, because I was still curious to see how it would perform on my face. As soon as I applied it my under eye area looked grey and sort of ghostly. I’m not really sure why, but it didn’t brighten my under eye area at all. I think it might be because it is a very pale yellow colored powder, and because I am dark I suppose that’s why it didn’t do anything for my skin color. See how pale and light the product looks without direct sunlight? It just looks like a normal pale colored setting powder to me.

Anyway, after about 30 minutes my under eye area was creasing like crazy and looked terribly cakey. My skin looked 10 years older and it was definitely not a pleasant sight. I also tried to “bake” my under eye area with it and the result was a cakey, discolored mess *cringes internally*.

I proceeded to set my entire face with it ever so lightly, and while it does mattify to a certain extent my face was left looking ghostly and discolored, even outdoors. The product definitely gives flash back on flash photography and can cling to dry patches on the face.

I tried the product a few times and each time it kept my foundation in place for only 3 hours. Therafter my nose and chin area would get shiny and oily. I also noticed that the powder can feel really heavy on the face. My pores felt clogged and after the 5 hour mark I would just wipe it all off with a makeup wipe as it made my skin itch just the tiniest bit.


This product is definitely a miss for me. I do however think this will work better for light skinned ladies because like I mentioned before, the powder is a very pale toned yellow which will work beautifully on pale/light skin tones and will definitely work for brightening too. I just think for darker skinned ladies – like myself – this is not a great color.

For now, Essence only has one shade in this product, but I hope in future they release a darker yellow shade for olive-dark skinned beauties who would like to try this out.

I wouldn’t recommend this product simply because of it’s performance, however, if you’re on the market for an affordable- under R100 – drugstore yellow toned powder, you could check this out as it might work for u. If you have dry skin, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to you as it clings to dry patches. If you have oily or combination skin it will work better, but I suggest you swatch the tester in store before purchasing, just so you know if it’s something you like and if it could work for you.

Where To Purchase:

This product retails for R64.95 and is available from Clicks and Dischem stores.

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12 thoughts on “Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder Review – Hit Or Miss?”

  1. Thanks for this post, I think many people buy essence products because they are affordable but if it doesn’t work it’s still a waste of money… They do have some goodies like their help polishes and liquid liners.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even though it was just over R50 I still felt so disappointed. I have a few Essence products that are my favorite drugstore products but like you said, sometimes they just have complete duds.

      I wasn’t actually going to take pictures without direct sunlight but I thought you I should so you guys could see how light the powder really is. So glad it was beneficial.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This didn’t come here and I was so angry. This definitely looks like something for someone who is really pale because the color won’t work even for medium skin tones. I have one tip that you can use with super dusty products, press the brush in, don’t swirl it that way you won’t have fall out at all. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it will suit you, actually! And I hope it comes your way soon.. I know you love your Essence goodies!

      Thank you so much for the tip, I will use it in future if I have a dusty product.


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