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Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak Review 

With water restrictions in Cape Town, I opt to take showers instead of baths, because it's more efficient and I feel it is quicker, which means saving water. Because of the restrictions, I limit taking a bath to when I feel really stressed and need to unwind/relax. So far, I've taken a few baths with… Continue reading Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak Review 

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Product Empties 

For today's post I thought I'd do something a little different. I rounded up some of my body and skincare empties and thought I would do a blog post on them and rate each product according to how well it worked for me.  Oh So Heavenly Pink Cashmere Body Powder I got this as a gift… Continue reading Product Empties 

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Pink Cosmetics Designer Fragrance Bath Bombs 

About 2 months ago, Janet from Pink Cosmetics contacted me regarding some of her hand made products. I was beyond intrigued to test them out and see how they fared, as they sounded amazing! When I received them the first thing I noticed was how much care went into the production of each of these… Continue reading Pink Cosmetics Designer Fragrance Bath Bombs