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July Empties

Is it just me or has this first week after the long holiday been tiring?! *yawns* Besides that, it's almost Spring in South Africa. I'm not ready! I love Winter, even though I was born in Spring. Enough about that, onto today's post. 1. Woolworths Fleur Body LotionYou guys won't even understand how much I… Continue reading July Empties

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Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak Review 

With water restrictions in Cape Town, I opt to take showers instead of baths, because it's more efficient and I feel it is quicker, which means saving water. Because of the restrictions, I limit taking a bath to when I feel really stressed and need to unwind/relax. So far, I've taken a few baths with… Continue reading Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak Review