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July Empties

Is it just me or has this first week after the long holiday been tiring?! *yawns* Besides that, it's almost Spring in South Africa. I'm not ready! I love Winter, even though I was born in Spring. Enough about that, onto today's post. 1. Woolworths Fleur Body LotionYou guys won't even understand how much I… Continue reading July Empties

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Product Empties #2 

Since I got so much love on my last Product Empties blog post I thought I would try and do it on a monthly basis. It will however depend on how much products I actually finish. Often I finish about 3 products a month, in which case I will wait until I have at least 5… Continue reading Product Empties #2 

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Kiki Beauty Make-up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer Review 

With Winter right on our doorsteps, my skin has become a little dry of late. I have combination skin, but in Winter my skin tends to dry out. We all know that applying makeup on dry skin can cause flakiness, creases, bumpiness and texture. Because of this, using a good moisturizer before your makeup application… Continue reading Kiki Beauty Make-up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer Review