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ELF Matte Lip Color Review

As some of you might know, I am a total sucker for matte lipsticks. Sure, now and then I'll wear a gloss or crème/satin lipstick, but I am utterly in love with matte lip products and always gravitate toward it. I love trying out different matte lip products, so when I recieved this ELF matte… Continue reading ELF Matte Lip Color Review

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ELF Cosmetics Makeup Mist And Set Review

It's been a week since my last post. Had so many things going on, appointments, meetings and things that I needed to do.... I would honestly be so exhausted in the evenings. I tried writing before bed because it was the only free time I had, but my eyes would not stay open! *taps chin… Continue reading ELF Cosmetics Makeup Mist And Set Review


Giveaway #4 

As promised, after every new 100 followers I get on Instagram, I will do a giveaway. I've reached 700 followers today which means, GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  I've decided to do these giveaways just to show you guys how much I appreciate your support and love. I honestly love blogging, and you guys are a big part… Continue reading Giveaway #4 

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ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder Review 

I'm sure many of you know the YouTuber, Shaanxo. She used to rave about the ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder, and I've wanted to try it ever since. I was pretty stoked because I recently received it in a press drop and have put it to the test. Let's see if it is worth… Continue reading ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder Review